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I'll Die Tomorrow

Mickey Spillane; illustrated by Karen Filter.
Berkeley, California: del Milion Editions, 2009

I’ll Die Tomorrow was designed, printed, and bound in an edition of forty-five copies by Peter Rutledge Koch with the assistance of Jonathan Gerken at Peter Koch Printers for del Milion Editions. The text, set in Bookman Old Style, is printed letterpress on Hahnemühle Photo Rag and the cover is printed on Crane’s Cover. The original photographs are printed with a unique color technique created by Karen Filter and based on Carbro prints from the 1930s & 40s and Technicolor from the 1950s. They were selected from her “B-Movie Series” and “Detective Series” shot in the 1980s. The photographs were then scanned and corrected under the direction of the artist and reproduced as digital pigment prints at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, California.

Book; 48 pp.    6.5 x 8 inches    45 copies.       $750.00

Cover of <i>I'll Die Tomorrow</i> Back cover of <i>I'll die tomorrow</i> Detail of full-color letterpress printing on the cover of <i>I'll die Tomorrow</i>