About Peter Koch

For the past thirty-two years I have cultivated a cross-media dialogue between art, philosophy and literature. I have conducted my business as a fine-art printer as a means of creating and transmitting my own ideas about language and form, both by creating my own work and by designing and directing collaborative publishing projects with others. In pursuit of my art, I am deeply committed to the crafts of typography, papermaking, printing, bookbinding and the design of books and I support these crafts as intensely as I can. A duality of commitment defines my art. I firmly stand on the side of the argument that there is no art without craft. Art without craft denies the difficult beauty of a thing well made, the elegant simplicity of an idea. Through craft and the precision of design, I seek to bring the rich civilization of the printed book with me to the forge of meaning.

For more information be sure to download my vita.

About The Press

A one hundred year old Chandler & Price 8 x 10 platen press, Vandercook & Hacker cylinder proof presses, a Heidleberg KSBA cylinder press, and a large collection of wooden & foundry type work together with Macintosh computers and photopolymer plate technology to provide our clients with up to date digital imaging guided by classic tradition. If you wish to visit the press when you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please call or write to make an appointment.