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Crossings / Chassé-croisé

Mary Julia Klimenko; illustrated by Manuel Neri, painter, and M. Lee Fatherree, photographer.
Berkeley, California: Editions Koch, 2002

A collaboration between poet Mary Julia Klimenko, artist Manuel Neri, and photographer M. Lee Fatherree. The portfolio is comprised of ten poems written in English by Klimenko and translated into French by Armelle Vanazzi Futterman; a unique painting on printed paper by Neri; and 13 silver-gelatin prints from photographs of Mary Julia taken by Fatherree, 11 of which are hand-painted by Neri. Introduced in French by writer and journalist Paul Van Melle and English by Futterman. The text was designed and printed on Rives BFK paper by Peter Koch, using Centaur and Arrighi types cast by M & H Type. The binding structure was designed by Daniel Kelm and executed by Kelm, Kylin Lee, and other mechanics at the Wide Awake Garage. Numbered and proof editions are bound in goatskin leather, with leather onlay, hand-tooling, and stamping in palladium leaf. The book, plus one hand-painted photograph, is housed in a clamshell box covered in Japanese book cloth constructed by Linda Lembke at Green River Bindery. The deluxe edition, like the other editions, is bound in goatskin leather, with leather onlay, hand-tooling, and stamping in palladium leaf. Included with the book is a suite of three silver-gelatin prints, one of which is uniquely hand-painted by Neri. The book and suite are housed in a leather-covered drop-wall box that echoes the palladium design of the book cover. Limited to 25 numbered copies, 10 deluxe copies, 2 printer’s proof copies, and 3 artist’s proof copies.

Book; 60 pp.    17 x 14.5 inches    40 copies.       $22000.00

Numbered edition:  $22000.00

Deluxe edition:  $28000.00

A spread from <i>Crossings</i> showing a photograph painted by the artist Manuel Neri. Deluxe edition with palladium design shown with drop-back box. Photograph from <i>Crossings</i>.