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Forty Years a Forester

Elers Koch; edited by Peter Koch.
Missoula, Montana: Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1998

A memoir in the form of fireside yarns by Elers Koch covering the more colorful aspects of his career in the United States Forest Service from its founding until his retirement 40 years later. Introduced by his son Peter Koch, a prominent American scientist and wood machining engineer. Designed by his grandson, Peter Rutledge Koch. Maps drawn by Mark Livingston. Cover photograph by Stanley Heiberg Koch. Foreward by Jack Ward Thomas, former head of the United States Forest Service. Includes appendix, bibliography, and index. Hardcover.

Book; 206 pp.    6.5 x 10 inches    2000 copies.       $75.00

Cover of Forty Years a Forester by Elers Koch.
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