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On Printing

William Everson; edited by Peter Koch.
San Francisco, California: The Book Club of California, 1992

Designed and printed by Peter Koch on Mohawk superfine text using Linotype Janson for the text and Monotype Van Dijck and Goudy Thirty for display. Photographic portrait frontispiece of Brother Antoninus (Everson) by Harry Redel. Bound in brick red cloth cover with printed spine by Klaus-Ullrich Roetzscher. A collection of essays written by Everson on the topic of printing. Contains an Equinox Press announcement broadside facsimile tipped onto the back cover with a block print by Mary Fabilli. Introduction by Koch.

While the edition was limited to 400 copies, a number of them were lost in shipping, making it a very sought after Book Club publication.

Book; 115 pp.    4.75 x 7.5 inches    400 copies.       $inquire

Title page from <i>On Printing</i>.