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Diogenes : Defictions (lead ed.)

Thomas McEvilley.
Berkeley, California: Peter Koch, Printer, 1994

This "text transmission object" is a collaborative sculpture designed as a "forgery" of a hypothetical object discovered by archeologists in the dump of ancient Corinth. Mixed media, ceramic and lead multiple. Designed by Peter Koch and hand-lettered by Christopher Stinehour. Printed letterpress from zinc engravings onto soft lead plates by Koch. Housed loose in a glazed ceramic box created by the sculptor Stephen Braun, each box unique in color and shape. Contains a selection of twenty-one selected short, philosophical performance pieces by Thomas McEvilley composed from the lore surrounding Diogenes of Sinope. As the plates are loose and unpaginated, they can be read in a random order.

Transmission object; 11 pp.    5 x 7 inches    edition of 50.       $inquire

Diogenes lead plates encased in ceramic box. The lead edition of <i>Diogenes</i> showing the ceramic box and a spread of tablets. A plate from the lead edition of <i>Diogenes</i>.