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Montana Gothic Number 1

Various Authors; edited by Peter Koch.
Missoula, Montana: Black Stone Press, 1974

A tri-quarterly publication featuring cowboy surrealists, maverick poets, writers, and artists. The publication was published and edited by Peter Koch and ran for six issues, spanning from 1974 to 1977. Shelley Hoyt-Koch collaborated on graphics and design for the last three issues.

Number One, Fall 1974
Offset lithography. Features poems and prose by Peter Koch, Adam Cornford, Jane Bailey, Robert Bly, Will Hochman, and many others. Opening essay by Koch entitled “Deadstart.” Text accompanied by illustrations and collages from artists such as Bruce Lee, Marie Wilson, Sir Quaxalot, and Nanos Valaoritis. Centerfold illustration by Jay Rummel. Cover and logo by Bill Yenne.

Complete list of contributors: Peter Koch, Adam Cornford, Louis Hammer, Merritt Clifton, Bruce Lee (ill.), Jane Bailey, Robert Bly, Jacquelyn McElroy, Steven Christenson, Will Hochman, Sir Quaxalot (ill.), Opal L. Nations, J. Izzo Jr., Carolann Russell Nord, Bob Behr, G. Karl Marcus, Jay Rummel (centerfold), Soshana Wechsler, Marie Wilson (ill.), Nanos Valaoritis (ill.), Ira Cohen, Dana Young, Charles Henri Ford, Harold Norse, Cynthia White, Milo Miles, Steven Flick, Bill Yenne (cover)

Pamphlet; 117 pp.    5.5 x 8.5 inches    200 copies. O.P.       $inquire

Cover of <i>Montana Gothic #1</i>. Spread from <i>Montana Gothic #1</i>