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Carving the Elements : a companion to the Fragments of Parmenides

Robert Bringhurst and Peter Rutledge Koch, et al..
Berkeley, California: Editions Koch, 2004

“This book is ... a guided tour of ... the philosophy of artisanship, in some of its many forms.” A series of essays by master letterpress printer Peter Koch; poet, translator and typographer Robert Bringhurst; punchcutter, type designer, typefounder and poet Dan Carr; master stonecutter and type designer Christopher Stinehour; master bookbinder Daniel Kelm; bookbinder, casemaker and printer Peggy Gotthold; and visual artist and master wood engraver Richard Wagener. These essays, which detail their collaborative efforts in creating The Fragments of Parmenides, include “Philosophy and Printing in the Real West” by Koch; “Finding the Form of an Ancient Text” by Bringhurst; and “Parmenides, Craft and Being” by Carr. This companion text also features a number of photographs that trace the journey of creation, from conception to realization.

Book; 138 pp.    6 x 9 inches    1000 copies.       $30.00

Cover of <i>Carving the Elements</i>.