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Hard Words Portfolio II

Peter Rutledge Koch.
Berkeley, California: Editions Koch, 2000

These one word picture poems were first begun in 1991 in an attempt to reformulate the custom of issuing wanted posters. I was searching for a new language form to express what was wanting (wanted) in my own vocabulary of symbols. The lead and wood types, copper electroplated and zinc photo-engravings were collected from such various sources as a newspaper office near Freezout, Montana and a printer’s junkyard in San Francisco.

A portfolio of eight Iris prints generated from the original photo-engravings and handset types of Portfolio One and digitally re-configured to produge these striking and densely pigment saturated prints in a limited edition of 20 copies. The prints, measuring 15 x 19 inches are printed on 500 gr. Somerset Radiant White. The box, fabricated by John De Merritt, is covered with German Iris Cloth and hinged in foil stamped terra cotta leather. Signed.

Portfolio; 8 prints,    16 x 20 inches    edition of 20.       $2500.00

"FROZE" Iris print. "DEAD" Iris print. "GONE" Iris print. "GOOD" Iris print. "HARD" Iris print. "LOST" Iris print. "SHOT" Iris print. "SLOW" Iris print.