The Koch Ephemera

Peter Koch
Berkeley, CA: Peter Koch, Printer, 2007

A collection from the printing presses of Peter Rutledge Koch with an introductory essay by Timothy D. Murray.

Black Stone Press 1975 – 1982
Peter Koch Printer, 1982 – 2006

This collection includes over 100 pieces of literary, artistic, bibliophile, and business printing weighing 12 pounds (including the box), produced under a number of different imprints including Black Stone Press, Hormone Derange Editions, Editions Koch, and Peter Koch, Printers. The contents range from a flier advertising the maverick literary journal MONTANA GOTHIC (Koch’s first piece of design, circa 1974 ... using lettraset and an AB Dick copy machine!), letterpress printed bookplates and wine labels, to a laser-printed pamphlet, all designed and printed between 1974 and 2007 by master printer, Peter Rutledge Koch at his studios in Missoula, San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

The box, reminiscent of a 19th century letterbox, measuring 11.5 by 15 x 5.5 inches wide, was constructed (with splendid craftsmanship) by Taurus Bookbindery in San Francisco of acid free materials and vintage Buckram.

The accompanying essays and the list of contents are included as the 2007 contribution. In addition to the stated contents each box will have several items that are not included on the list due to the fact that we had less than 27 exemplars of certain materials we deemed appropriate to include in this collection.

The edition of 27 boxes are press-numbered on the spine and are available for sale from the printer.

Portfolio; 100 pages,    11.5 x 15 inches   edition of 27.       $1500.00