A Ore Perse

Franco Ferrari Delfino; edited by Susan K. Filter; translated by Dina and Adalberto Viggiano with refinements by Ariel Parkinson; illustrated by Tony Green
Berkeley, CA: del Milion, 2006

A Ore Perse is a gathering of four poems composed in the Venetian dialect by Franco Ferrari Delfino that express an often humorous view of the world through the eyes of a native Venetian. The linoleum cuts are of familiar Venetian landmarks one of which is a large 12 x 30 inch fold-out view of the Rialto bridge.

The text was edited by Susan K. Filter and translated by Dina and Adalberto Viggiano. The press mark for this first publication under the del Milion imprint was designed in a collaboration between Susan Filter and Christopher Stinehour. It depicts a particular set of Byzantine-Gothic windows in the Corte del Milion in Venice where Marco Polo lived in the 13th century. Del Milion was the sobriquet given to him by the Venetians after the publication of his travel adventures in French, Livre des Merveilles (known as Il Milione in Italian). The Venetians call it the Courtyard of the Million ... lies!

Sixty-five copies were designed, printed on Arches cover, and bound in terracotta Fabriano wrapppers during the summer of 2006 by Peter Koch with the assistance of Jonathan Gerken. Tony Green cut five linoleum blocks in New Orleans and then proofed them at the press. The typefaces are Scala for the text and Rialto Italic for display.

Book; 16 pp.    8 x 12 inches   65 copies.       $350.00