Montana Gothic Number 6

Various Authors; edited by Peter Koch
Missoula, Montana: Black Stone Press, 1977

A tri-quarterly publication featuring cowboy surrealists, maverick poets, writers, and artists. The publication was published and edited by Peter Koch and ran for six issues, spanning from 1974 to 1977. Shelley Hoyt-Koch collaborated on graphics and design for the last three issues.

Number Six, Fall 1977
Offset Lithography. Features poems and prose by a number of writers, including Sky Garner, Ludwig Zeller, Adam Cornford, and Michael Poage. Closing essay by Peter Koch symmetrically entitled “Deadstart.” Text accompanied by a variety of graphics, including collages by Philip Kuznicki. Also includes two folding collage illustrations on Warrens Old Style paper by Ludwig Zeller and Susana Wald. Letterpress blue cover designed and printed in red and black by Shelley Hoyt-Koch.

Complete list of contributors: Sky Garner, Ken Waino, David Thomas, George Hitchcock, Michael Fiedler, Joyce Mansour, Peter Koch, Jerry Estrin, Edwin Charles Dobb, George Evans, Abdal Wahhab al-Bayati, Ira Cohen, Ludwig Zeller (ill., fold-outs), Paul Brown, Carolann Russell Nord, Derek Pell, Fernando Alegria, Adam Cornford, Christine Zawadiwsky, Larry R. Smith, Richard Kostelanetz, Rene Daumal, John Digby, Gabriel Weisz, Shoshana Wechsler, William Gammil, Janine Pommy Vega, Michael Poage, Mark Lecard, Milo Miles, Paul Kuznicki (ill.), Susana Wald (ill., fold-out 2), Shelley Hoyt-Koch (cover)

Pamphlet; 96 pp.    6 x 9 inches   200 copies.