Montana Gothic Number 5

Various Authors; edited by Peter Koch
Missoula, Montana: Black Stone Press, 1977

A tri-quarterly publication featuring cowboy surrealists, maverick poets, writers, and artists. The publication was published and edited by Peter Koch and ran for six issues, spanning from 1974 to 1977. Shelley Hoyt-Koch collaborated on graphics and design for the last three issues.

Number Five, Winter 1977
Offset lithography. Features poems and prose by Douglas Blazek, Patricia Geary, Daniel Lusk, Jane Bailey, Nancy Steele, and many others. Text accompanied by a variety of graphics, including paper-cuts by John Digby. Cover features an illustration by Bill Yenne. Co-edited by Jane Bailey.

Complete list of contributors: Derek Pell (ill.), Douglas Blazek, Tom Rea, Michael Poage, James Penzi, Craig Churry, Daniel Lusk, Whitson (ill.), Tom Montag, Opal L. Nations, John Digby (paper cuts), T. E. Jay, Patricia Geary, William Pillin, Patrick Todd, Bill Mayer, Jim Heynen, Dirk Lee (ill.), Kathleen McCullen, John Bennett, David Thomas, Frank Dugan (ill.), David Chevin, W. M. Ransom, K. E. Roney, Paul S. Ziegler, Charles Webb, Carol Jane Bangs, David Long, Ken Gerner, Jane Bailey, William Pitt Root, Mark Vinz, Cheryl Van Dyke, Kim Robert Stafford, Robert Long, Wilbur Wood, Marjorie Hawksworth, Sam Hamill, Bruce Lee (ill.), Nancy Steele, Eliott Brody, James Majorian, Terry M. Brown, Jane Miller, Mahlon Hubenthal, Bill Yenne (cover)

Pamphlet; 76 pp.    5.5 x 8.5 inches   200 copies.