Herakleitos; translated by Guy Davenport
Berkeley, California: Peter Koch, Printer, 1990

The entire surviving fragments of Herakleitos printed in a bilingual edition, celebrated by Robert Bringhurst in his book, A Short History of the Printed Word. Designed and printed letterpress by Peter Koch with Greek and English texts on facing pages. Greek text hand-set by Mark Livingston in Monotype Gill Sans; Latin fragments and English text composed in Bembo Roman and Fairbanks Italic. Cover paper hand-painted in a rich brown by Shelley Hoyt-Koch and features a printed label. Visible stab-sewn binding based on a third-century A.D. Coptic sewing structure designed and executed by Hoyt-Koch. 100 copies printed on Zerkall-Nideggen paper and 13 copies printed on Serpa handmade paper with a handmade paper wrap-around case. 33 unbound copies were discovered 15 years later and bound in paper over boards by Jane Kim. The first fragment of Herakleitos is composed in Kabel Greek type and printed on the cover in two colors. English translation of the fragments of Herakleitos reprinted with minor variations from Grey Fox Books. Signed by the translator.

Book; 48 pp.    6.25 x 12 inches   33 copies.       $1500.00