Ur-Text Volume III

Peter Rutledge Koch
Berkeley, California: Peter Koch, Printer, 1994

A hyper-modernist edition of the concrete poem wordswords is "Koch's final disarticulation" and ironicallly symbolizes the devaluation and loss of faith in the Word. Ur-Text is an extreme example of a metaphor and an icon of the "book as object." Text composed in Monotype Reproducing Bold type and printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. Hand-bound by Daniel Kelm in various metals. Covers are acid-etched zinc lined with doublures of oxidized brass. Primary sewing is braided dacron thread holding each signature to an external brass spine rod covered by aluminum tube segments, leaving space for a weaving of braided silk thread which connects the covers and signatures. Housed in a black and red Japanese-cloth-covered portfolio with magnetic fore-edge flap. Page edges tinted black. Special copper-bound edition.

Book; 92 pp.    10.5 x 16 inches   26 copies.       $7500.00