Point Lobos

Robinson Jeffers; illustrated by Wolf von dem Bussche
Oakland, California: Peter and the Wolf Editions, 1987

Hailed as a masterwork and one of the great printed works of the late 20th century, Point Lobos was published as a collaboration between the typographer and printer, Peter Rutledge Koch and the photographer, Wolf von dem Bussche. The text is comprised of fifteen poems by Jeffers, chosen for their various reverberations of the spirit and beauty of Point Lobos, and a lengthy introduction by the poet, printer and Jeffers scholar, William Everson. The poems were handset in Albertus and Pegasus types; introduction and colophon set in Monotype Van Dijck. Printed by Peter Koch on Rives BFK White. Title page printed in terra cotta and black. Publisher’s device embossed on the lower right-hand corner of each leaf. Fifteen original photographs by von dem Bussche dramatically mirror the text and document the site of Jeffers’ inspiration; they are archivally printed and individually mounted on Rives BFK White. The pages are housed loose in a special folding case covered in German linen made by Klaus-Ullrich Rötzscher. Custom slipcase handcrafted from three-quarter inch black walnut by Shigoto Ya, Inc. Introduction by William Everson. Signed by both printer and photographer.

Poems reprinted from Timothy Hunt’s critical edition published by the Stanford University Press. Issued on the 100th anniversary year of the birth of Robinson Jeffers.

Though the edition was limited to 125 copies, 53 were destroyed in the Oakland Hills fire of 1991, paring the number of the edition down to seventy-two copies.

Portfolio; 42 pages,    18 x 22 inches   edition of 125.