Diogenes : Defictions (book ed.)

Thomas McEvilley
Berkeley, California: Peter Koch, Printer, 1994

The "book about the object" issued to accompany and explain the mysteries surrounding the arch-cynic Diogenes and the "forged" archeological discovery of the lead tablets. Designed and printed letterpress from photo-polymer plates by Peter Koch, using Adobe Caslon for text, and Monotype Gill Sans and Deberny & Peignot Bifur for display. Lead tablet illustrations printed in two colors from linoleum blocks and photo-polymer plates. Color reproduction of the ceramic box and plates tipped in. An image taken from Raphael’s “School of Athens” [1509-1510] is printed in solarized detail on the title page and in half-tone detail on the cover. Bound by Arnold Martinez using chipboard and a black cloth spine. Features an introduction by Robert Bringhurst, a lengthy essay by McEvilley entitled “Diogenes of Sinope,” and notes “On lead as a text transmission object” by Koch.

Book; 64 pp.    7 x 8 inches   500 copies.       $75.00