Notebook Poems : 1953

Robert Duncan; edited by Robert Bertoff; illustrated by Jess
San Francisco, California: The Press in Tuscany Alley, 1991

A collaboration between The Poetry Center, the Department of Art at San Francisco State University, and the Press in Tuscany Alley. Designed, printed, and bound by Peter Koch, with the assistance of Janet Bogardus, Gabriel Ella, Dale Going, Ian Hass, Susan Maney, Russell Maret, Jeff Miliken, and Sigrum Torinus, Scott Walker, and Rhonda Winter, students and apprentices at the press. Handset in Eric Gill’s Perpetua for text and Klingspor Shaded Roman for display. Terra cotta wrapper, text, and binding papers handmade for this edition by Robert Serpa, Oakland Paper Foundry. Standard editions numbered 1-90. Deluxe editions lettered A-J and include an original ink drawing by Jess extra-bound into each copy.

Book; 32 pp.    9.75 x 12.25 inches   100 copies.